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By John Blaine

Rick and Scotty look for a sacred relic within the Philippines -- yet probability lurks round each flip! (Volume 10 within the Rick Brant series.)

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Except for the SS,” Scotty added, referring to the earth scanner. “You heard what he said about the road toBaguio ? ” “You’ve got a point,” Rick agreed. ” Scotty rose. “Tony, we’ll go on to the airport and meet you here about eleven thirty. ” The scientist hesitated. “I know you’ll take care of yourselves. Remember that we have a sniper after us. Not to mention an Ifugao with no palate. Incidentally, I suspect that our friend Angel has a little Igorot or Ifugao blood. ” “I did,” Rick said. ” “Not particularly.

He’s right,” Scotty agreed. ” Within a few moments they were back at the hotel. Rick paid the driver and thanked him for the help,then they ran in and confronted the clerk. “Is Dr. ” “I haven’t seen him, gentlemen. ” The clerk looked in Tony’s box. “His key is not here. ” Rick asked. ” The boys nodded their thanks and hurried up the stairs to Tony’s room. They tried the door,then knocked loudly. There was no answer. They knocked again, waited,then stared at each other bleakly. ”Rick had a feeling that Tony was in danger.

He smiled blandly. ” Rick moved out of the line of fire. Chahda bowed. ” Scotty reached for him. Tony and Rick ducked. CHAPTER VII Igorot Country Rick and Scotty awoke the next morning with a feeling of well-being. After the heat ofManila the cool air ofBaguio had caused them to sleep like logs. Also, things appeared to be going well, and Chahda finally had contacted them. The contact had been a brief one. Chahda had gone, promising to keep in touch with them as best he could. The Hindu boy was on the trail of James Nast, hoping that by keeping close watch he could anticipate, and perhaps prevent, any action Nast might try to take against the Spindrift party.

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